Common Yarrow

This common yarrow is a pleasant little plant, but superstitious fools of yesteryear thought it a means by which one’s true love might be paranormally discovered. By plucking it from a young man's grave, one would then chant:

Yarrow, sweet yarrow, the first that I have found,

in the name of Jesus Christ, I pluck it from the ground;

As Joseph loved sweet Mary, and took her for his dear,

so in a dream this night, I hope, my true love will appear.

One would then dream about a future husband’s identity, having placed the sprig under the pillow. Such rustic tom-foolery probably kept young women away from greater mischief and added a degree of chastity to their otherwise tedious lives. Yet the God who gave us so pretty a flower for simple enjoyment is also the One who loved us so lavishly:

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine. He feeds his flock among the lilies. Song of Solomon 6:3

To find one's true love, seek not a young man's grave, but a Messiah's bloodied cross and empty tomb.